Safe travels.
And don’t forget, Elon:
"Do The Test" and spread the word.

Whenever you move there, we’ll send you your comfy
toilet as well. It’s not a joke; it’s a promise.

Right now, we’re sending you your certificate
for ‘Elon’s toilet’ on Mars

(and a couple of stool tests).

We wish you many (light)years ahead of you. And we’d love to see you keep changing the world -even on another planet- for many birthdays to come. So please, spread the word: do the test!

Here on earth and on your Martian toilet.

The good news: the survival rate is more than 90% if detected early.
It’s not rocket science.

This is the age at which you should start testing your stool for colon cancer. The bad news: 1 out of 20 people gets diagnosed with this silent killer.

Why now?
You've just turned 50!

But when you move to Mars, you’re going to need a toilet. So we bought you 10 square feet of Mars and officially named it: ‘Elon’s Toilet’.

Well thanks to you, there will be.
And fairly soon.

David Bowie once asked a valid question:
‘Is there life on Mars?’

Happy 50th Birthday, Elon Musk!
We bought you a toilet on Mars.

Why? Scroll up to find out.


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